Zhik was founded before the Athens Olympics when it was noticed that the sailing apparel markets could do with a spark of innovation. After success in the dinghy boats, Zhik set about designing some brilliant yachting gear. Zhik Isotak™ and AroShell™ wet weather gear is rapidly becoming a new choice for racing sports boats, and is now extending to ranges suitable for offshore yachting.

World's leading dinghy gear | Founded in Australia 2003

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110L Wheelie Bag

2 799 kr

25L Roll Top Dry Bag

379 kr

30L Dry Bag Backpack

979 kr

35L Backpack

1 079 kr

45L Holdall

1 199 kr

65L Holdall

1 399 kr

Adult Drysuit

6 599 kr

Apex Pants

1 729 kr

Apex Shorts

1 549 kr

AroShell Salopette

4 999 kr

AroShell Smock

3 399 kr

Avlare Beanie

599 kr

Avlare Zip-on Balaclava

799 kr

Breathable Dinghy Smock

2 199 kr

Breathable Neck Gaiter

479 kr

Broad Brim Hat

599 kr